A fantastic day organised by employers China Tang at the Dorchester, Taj Hotels (St James Court) and Rise London. Pupils from Ernest Bevin College were invited to take a tour of the each employer so they could get a taste of the different type of jobs available in hospitality.

At the start of the day, the pupils visited China Tang at the Dorchester where they were introduced to the PanOut project and its purpose by General Manage Peter Horton. They were then treated to a display by their top cocktail specialist who put on a great show, explaining how his love of ingredients and passion for creating beverages, took him out of India to one of the top venues in London. All whilst making a non-alcoholic Bloody Mary! Next up the children from Ernest Bevin were taught by the Head Sommelier and General Manager about the Wine industry and what lay behind it – what makes an expensive bottle, how it is made etc and surprised everyone at how a small half bottle was over £3000! Next up came the tour of the events spaces, and a talk on the different events that could be held here. The pupils then were taken to the kitchen where they were shown how Chinese was cooked – on a superwok ! – and how dim sum was made and prepared. All that made hungry work – and the boys were treated with a lovely meal by the wonderful people at China Tang

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Bellies full, the pupils were taken to 4 star hotel Taj Hotels St James London, a stunning venue in St James Park. Here the pupils were shown how to make beds by the Head Housekeeper. After complaining that it was easy to do, when they were made to do it in a competition – they realised it wasn’t easy at all, and this really opened their eyes as to another side of hospitality. Pupils were also given a tour and a talk by the HR Director, Yusrah Kadeerally, taking valuable time out of her busy day to make sure everyone was looked after.

The final phase of the Taster Tour was a visit to high tech private members co-working space Rise London. Here the pupils of Ernest Bevin were shown around a work and versatile events space involving new techniques and new technologies – a lot of gasps! General Manager Thomas then closed the evening with a question and answers forum for the pupils about Rise London, the hospitality industry and his career.

“It was a great experience but feel they would have liked more time for the visits to each of the employers.”
Student, Ernest Bevin College

What the day involved:

    • Beverage making at China Tang at the Dorchester
    • Housekeeping at Taj Hotel St James St
    • Events in a high tech multi-use venue