Creating a resource for schools, Pan Out worked with five employers and film makers gofilmit TV. Each employer was chosen to bring a different representation of the Hospitality industry, in order to fully demonstrate the variety of career that can be available.

Each employer spoke about their own careers in the sector why it appealed to them and what they think it can offer young people, as well as the kinds of skills and qualities they are needed to work in hospitality.

The film is available online and is being shown across Wandsworth schools.

Peter Horton, General Manager, of the upper class Chinese restaurant China Tang @ The Dorchester, which also has restaurants in Hong Kong and is linked to China Clubs in mainland China & Singapore.

JJ Goodman, owner and entrepreneur of the London Cocktail Bar group, starting out at the age of 16 washing glasses and now (at the time of writing) runs 10 bars and that number is expanding.

Daksha Mistry owner manager of Dakshas Gourmet Catering – a versatile catering company able to produce dishes from all over the world and she is a regular guest judge on TV programme MasterChef.

Nick Vadis, who after joining the Navy, managed to see the world, experiencing different flavours and cuisines meaning that by 2007 he was Executive Head Chef of UK & Ireland for the Compass Group, one of the UKs largest hospitality employers.

William Gallagher, Service Manager at Randall Close Resource Centre for Leonard Cheshire. After a family tragedy William decided to work in the care field, and has been worked with current organisation for 20 years, enabling hundreds of disabled people over the years to exercise, develop life skills and eat properly.

“Using real-life stories from professionals at the peak of their performance in the industry is a great way to bring career advice to life. This film has been really well recieved”
Tim Andrews, Learn Train Recruit

Sharing the film:

  • Wandsworth schools have access to a USB stick with the film
  • Schools are using the film in lessons
  • Pupils can also access the film online at PanOut.London