Students from Southfields Academy participated in a Dignity in Care event hosted by Leonard Cheshire at the Randall Close Resource Centre on February 1st 2018.

Students worked with Daksha Mistry, former finalist of the BBC’s MasterChef programme, contributing the refreshments for the day, in the form of a delicious buffet lunch. The day created some fantastic learning experiences for the students. Not only did they learn some excellent catering skills, under the watchful eye of a highly experienced chef, they also learned that there are many settings where food and nutrition are at the top of the agenda.

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William Gallagher, manager of Randall Close, invited Dawn Warwick, Director of Children’s Services for Wandsworth Council, to recognise each of the students as dignity champions, as each of the Southfields students were presented with certificates, wrist bands and lapel pins.

The students showed great enthusiasm and potential, and were a great credit to the school. The event with totally inspiring, increasing awareness of Dignity in Care, and the importance of providing outstanding care for adults.

“It’s really important that young people understand and have an awareness and understanding of the needs of adults in a centre such as ours. We encourage young people to come and have work experience in this centre and to pursue careers in adult social care. I was absolutely delighted to have the students from Southfields participating in this event and we are building a good link with all the schools in Wandsworth”.
William Gallagher, Manager of Randall Close

What the day involved:

  • Intro to Leonard Cheshire & Randall Close
  • Coaching from a professional chef
  • Meal planning using nutrition as a priority
  • Role of food in a community care context
  • Wider context of providing care to adults
  • Intro to ‘Dignity in Care’