Serving Up
Pilots with Employers and Wandsworth Schools to Help Young People Achieve Successful Careers in Hospitality and Catering



We are on a mission to change the way teenagers in Wandsworth view career opportunities in hospitality and catering. We know, because employers have told us, that people often misjudge the breath of career opportunities available in these sectors – too often seeing them as dead end, low paid jobs when often the contrary is true.

What’s unique about this sector is its ease of entry, there’s normally an opportunity to join at any stage – from work experience to apprenticeships, or qualified with a degree to those with an entrepreneurial streak wanting to run their own business.

Through Pan Out we will be connecting leading industry employers directly with Wandsworth schools through 18 pilots. Each pilot will seek to inspire and equip young people in the borough to know how they can enter the sector and prosper through a long-term career. The pilots will be varied, in the same way the opportunities in the sector are broad – from event management to graphic design, and customer service to creative food concepts. 


Created in partnership, Pan Out is funded by the European Social Fund – a strand of European Union to improve lives through skills development and finding jobs.

Rinova are leading the project in partnership with Wandsworth Lifelong Learning and Learn Train Recruit.

Want to Get Involved?

If you’re an employer or industry expert and you want to help shape the careers advice given in schools, we’d like to hear from you. We still have spaces left to input in our pilots and we’d gladly welcome your interest. Likewise, we can also help link you with motivated young people from Wandsworth who are keen for work experience or apprenticeship opportunities in your business.
All our schools for this project have been selected and their involvement secured.

The project runs until July 2018.

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